As you may be aware, a new Societies Act in BC came into effect in November 2016, and all BC's
Societies were given two years to transition their record keeping and practices to it. GNSC is doing that
this fall. When the Board received notice of the required transition, we took a look at our By-laws and
realized they no longer reflect how the club works, nor do they reflect the new Act. A committee formed
to review them and recommend changes, which could also reflect the new Act. These changes are now
presented to you, the club's members, as a Special Resolution for you to approve (or not!) at the upcoming
Annual General Meeting.

Changing the By-laws does not in any way affect the club's transition to the new Act: that will be going
ahead anyway.

The purposes of these proposed changes are:
– to update areas that referred only to the initial set up of the club;
– to clarify some areas where there could be misunderstanding and remove a few redundancies;
– to bring the bylaws more in line with the new Act;
– to have them better reflect how the club has been operating in recent years.

Please take a look at the following three texts; at the very least at the second one.

See you at the AGM! Thursday October 12th 2017, 7.00pm at Golden Secondary School Library.

Sue Rowe
Secretary: GNSC


By-laws (click here)

AGM Minutes

October 27, 2016 (click here)


Current Budget (click here)

Board of Directors

President: Jeff Dolinsky
Vice President: Wayne Manzer
Treasurer: Joanne Wittstock
Secretary: Sue Rowe
Directors: Geoffrey Richards, Marvin Lloyd, Anna Urban, Vicky Wilson, Dan Veselic, Ian Robinson, Jim Doyle


Chalet: Wayne Manzer, Jeff Dolinsky, Jim Doyle
Skills Development: Nicole Perrin, Annette Boelman
Events & Loppet: Jeff Dolinsky, Joan Dolinsky
Volunteers & Greeters: Wayne Manzer, Haley Muise, Jeff Dolinsky
Marketing: Magi Scallion, Geoffrey Richards
Grants: Anna Urban, Ian Blanchard, Magi Scallion
Trails and Infrastructure: Erwin Perzinger, Mark Dascher, Jeff Dolinsky, Marvin Lloyd