Online Registration

Opens Friday, January 6 at 8:00 am
Closes Friday, February 3 at 6:00 pm


9:30 am - 10:30 am: Bib Pick up
10:50 am: 2.5 km start
10:52 am: 1 km start
11:00 am: 15 km, 30 km start
11:02 am: 5 km, 10 km start


Youth: 1 km, 2.5 km, 5, km, 10 km
Adult: 10 km, 15 km, 30 km


Please follow the directions given by the Parking Officials. Arrive early to allow for travel, parking and waxing. You may need to ski or walk 200m from the parking area, as an individual skier.


No waxing in the Dawn Mt. Chalet. Power cords can plug into the outside power boxes. Wax tents can be set up near the Chalet or stadium. Wax testing is allowed on the Beaver Trail above the stadium.


Saturday: New snow, snowing lightly, temperature range from -10C to -14C.
Sunday: New snow, snowing lightly to moderately, temperature range from -6C to -10C
There will be very little variation in aspect or elevation.
The tracks will be slow due to cold temperatures. Please ensure you and your team are dressed appropriately.
Read our favourite live weather forecast here:

Start Lists, Timing and Results

Please check the start list on Zone 4 prior to the event to ensure you are registered in the proper category. Changes can be made by contacting the race secretary prior to the registration deadline. Start Lists and Results will be posted outside the Chalet. Results will be posted on Zone 4.  First place finishers in all adult categories will be given hand made Raku medallions. Youth categories will receive awards. All child participants get awards.  Lots of draw prizes are available for volunteers and participants.

Races are not chip timed.  Manual, electronic timing is done at the finish line only.

Aid Stations and Lunch

An aid station will be placed with drinks, food and first aid at intervals of 10k or less. 

All entrants and volunteers will be treated to a hot lunch. You must provide a ticket. Skiers who turn in their bibs will be given a lunch ticket. A lunch ticket is available for the public for $10 adults, $5 children.

License and Rules

  • No license required.
  • Cross Country Canada rules apply.
  • Public skiers are permitted to use the trails during the loppet.  We ask that you ski with courtesy.
  • Passing slower skiers is done with lane changes, not calling track. Slower skiers please stay right.
  • No skating in the classic event.
  • Start is mass start.  Please line up according to your ability as the start is self-seeded.  Faster skiers in front.

Emergency Assistance

We have a Ski Patrol/Doctor at the Dawn Mt. Chalet.

  • There is a controller with radio located less than 6 km from any point on the 15/10 km course.
  • Controllers with radios are identified on the course. 
  • A skier with a radio will ski the course as sweeper. All bibs are accounted for each day.
  • If you become ill or sustain injury, seek assistance from OR get word to the nearest controller. Remain with the controller until they arrange to escort you off the course.
  • If you should encounter a skier in need of medical assistance on the course:
    • P rovide comfort, and if qualified, provide first aid/CPR as required until another skier arrives.
    • One of you stays with the downed skier while the other proceeds to the closest radio location. Take note of the location of the downed skier from trail signs and relay as much pertinent information to the radio operator as possible.

Appropriate assistance will move to action as soon as the call comes from the radio operator.