Perfect for After Work

The Golden Golf Course has 6 km of classic trail close to Golden's downtown core.  These trails are groomed on an as-needed basis and provide the perfect opportunity to "get out" when you don't have time to go all the way to Dawn Mountain.

CLASSIC: The Golden Golf Club trails are groomed for classic skiing only.

STAY ON THE TRAILS: Please stay on the groomed trails and watch for natural hazards. The Golf Club asks skiers and snowshoers to resist the temptations to ski on the hilly 'greens' as they get negatively impacted by skier and snowshoe traffic.

DONATIONS: If you are not a club member, please remember to use the drop box for your $2 donation to help pay for the golf course grooming (fuel costs).

DOGS: Due to the irregular grooming, the Golf Course ski trails are not track set for our canine friends. If you see skiers with their dog, please gently remind them of this expectation.